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C.A.T.S. Game: – Get your bots ready for the battle!

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Crash Arena Turbo Stars Game

ZeptoLab is back with their new game, the Crash Arena Turbo Stars Game. In the C.A.T.S. Game you have to create your own bots and have to lead them into the battle. This game is pretty awesome and needs creative and strategic mind. You have to test your bot with different builds and weapons to find out the best build and weapon. You can battle with players from around the world. Today we are going to discuss about this game. We will tell you about its gameplay, graphics and other things which will decide that whether this game really deserves your phone’s storage or not. So, let’s get straight into it. If you are playing this game from a while you can try our C.A.T.S.Hack.

Crash Arena Turbo Stars

Crash Arena Turbo Stars – Gameplay

The Crash Arena Turbo Stars game is quite an addictive game. The gameplay is not too complex and does not require much churning of brain. The only place where you have to put your best brains is the designing part. You can read C.A.T.S. Tips and Tricks to know more about designing and building of your fight bots. You can gain upgrades for your weapons by betting on other fights. That’s a good way to upgrade them without spending your resources. The thing that i didn’t like in the game is that there is no way for you to control your bot in the battle. So, it kind of feels boring not doing much in the game. But it enables you to play this game in a more frequent manner for short period of time throughout the day.

Crash Arena Turbo Stars Graphics

The graphics of this game are very eye catchy. Bright and sharp colors are used which makes it very engaging. Depiction of the characters are amazing interface of this game is what make people stick to this game. The fight scenes are intense and will really provide you a good entertainment. The interface and user experience is the best thing that I liked about this game.

The Final Verdict

So, we told you each and everything that you need to know about the Crash Arena Turbo Stars Game. We told you about its gameplay, its graphics and many more things. So, if you ask me I will give this game 8 out of 10. The game is such an amazing looking game and instead of being a fight simulating game it still needs you to think and manage your bots carefully. Not only this you have to keep learning from your experience and have to select the best build for your bots. So, I think this game definitely deserves your storage space. You should give it a try. Stay tuned for more gaming news. Thanks for reading.


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