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What are hack and cheats?

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What are the Game Hacks and cheats and how to use them?

Well, if you have played games like Grand Theft Auto or Counter Strike you may be familiar with what game cheats and hacks are. These glitches makes our gaming experience much more fun by unlocking all the things that we can’t access easily. On the other hand game hacks makes our game easier by providing us extra features in the game. These features make games easier for us to play and a newbie can really make his/her place  in the game by using these hacks. So, how did these cheats and hack came into the gaming world? How did they became so popular? Today we are going to discuss about these topics. So, the next time you use these cheats and hacks you will have an idea about how they work and from where they have came into existence.


History of the game glitches

Cheating in game has existed from the starting of the games. These glitches were introduced to test the games. The game testers had to test the game very rigorously. So, to make their job easy they introduced cheats in the game. To use the cheat they had to enter a sequence of characters which activated the cheat and they tested the game at those conditions. Hacking in games is very similar to the cheats. But you might see an extra element or feature added in the game when you run a hack. For example in Counter Strike game you inject the hack and get an aimbot or a wall hack in the game. So, an extra feature is added. Let’s look at how these cheats and hacks work? How do you get your free resources and items in the game just by a click of a button. If you play Crash Arena Turbo Stars and want to get Crash Arena Turbo Stars Cheats, this will help you.

How does they work?

The whole 21st century world is running on two digits 0 and 1. If you know how you manipulate these digits you can control the whole world. Same goes with the games. By altering the way these 0s and 1s work we can change the way the game is played. In the 8-bit computers the game was loaded into the memory and gamers could change the specific memory addresses before launching the game which game them unlimited lives, resources etc. Nowadays to operate the cheats you have to enter a cheat code which will lead to a change in the value stored in memory address and hence providing you what you want.

So, now you know everything you needed to know about gaming hacks and cheats. So, go and find the hack and cheats for your favorite games. Use them and enjoy your game like you never had before. Stay tuned for more hack and cheats news. Thanks for reading. Comment below if you liked this post. Let’s discuss.

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